Colour Therapy in Interior Design

Colours like music are a universal language. Colours too can influence our well being. Modern sciences accept that colors produce physiological reactions within the body. Each color’s wavelength focuses on a particular part of the body and elicits specific response and moods. Colors have a language of itself that our body tends to understand naturally. It helps to create an Aura around the place which plays with the human psychology.

Colour therapy does not include just the choice of right paints but it also involves the use of artifact’s, paintings, lighting, furnishings, use of crystals, planters and other decorative modes. So it is a very important and a wide stream to be focused while designing as per the laws of Vastu shastra.

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The use of colour therapy in Vastu shastra plays a very vital role. It helps to energize the place and also rectifies the vastu defects. But choosing the right color is very important and it involves the study of Vastu shastra with Astrology. It is very important to know the planetary positions of the inmates as each and every planet has its own color. Choosing a wrong colour or just on directional basis can cause havoc in the lives of the inmates. So it is important to balance the choice of colours between the directions and the planets.