Astrology is the intricate study of the celestial bodies’ positions and their perceived influence on natural earthly events and human affairs. Rooted in various belief systems, it posits a connection between astronomical phenomena and occurrences in the human world. In the Western context, astrology predominantly manifests as a system of horoscopes, claiming the ability to predict facets of an individual’s personality or life journey based on the celestial positions at their birth.

Utilizing the sidereal zodiac, astrology aligns the zodiac signs with the corresponding constellations in the sky. To uphold this alignment, a correction known as ayanamsa is applied, accounting for the gradual precession of the vernal equinox – the Earth’s axial rotation shift over time.

Astrology holds a longstanding and widespread belief, deeply woven into daily life, especially in matters of marriage and career. It encompasses diverse branches such as electional, horary, and karmic astrology, and remains firmly regarded as a facet of Vedic science.

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Vastu shastra is a direction (Disha) oriented science whereas Astrology is the science of planetary position (Dasha). Human life is affected by the energy of directions around and the change in planetary position as well. So the balance between the directions and the planetary position is very important. And planetary position in the horoscope of a person gives indication about a suitable direction for a particular person. Hence it is very important to incorporate Astrology with Vastu shastra while designing the interiors of the residence/office.