Signature Blend of Astrology and Design

As an award-winning astrologer and seasoned interior designer, Mr. Ramman Handa crafts unique environments that seamlessly blend the celestial wisdom of astrology with the artistry of design

Services Tailored for You

From astrological consultations to interior design expertise, Raman Handa’s commitment is to provide services that resonate with your distinct personality and aspirations.


Uncover cosmic insights and navigate life's journey with expert astrological consultations

Colour Therapy

Experience the transformative power of color with personalized sessions to enhance well-being and harmony

Feng Shui

Balance energy and create positive vibes in your spaces through the ancient art of Feng Shui

Life Coach

Achieve your goals and unlock your full potential with personalized life coaching sessions

Vastu Shastra

Harmonize your living and working spaces with the ancient science of Vastu for prosperity and positivity


Engage in meaningful dialogues and consultations to ensure services are tailored to your unique preferences and needs

The Captivating Journey of Raman Handa

This is more than a story; it’s an invitation to connect with the soul of the designer, revealing the intricate tapestry of experiences and influences that define our creative journey

An Extraordinary Approach that Transcends the Ordinary

Discover the essence of innovation, personalized touch, and unparalleled excellence in every aspect of my services

Cosmic Fusion Mastery
Tailored Celestial Solutions
Gold-Standard Expertise
Positive Living, Stylish Spaces
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Anything You Need

Raman Handa's main motto is to create not just visually stunning spaces but environments that radiate positivity, blending style seamlessly with cosmic wisdom.


Discover the impact of Raman Handa’s transformative services through the heartfelt words of those who have experienced the magic