A Glimpse into the Designer's Soul

Welcome to the vibrant world of  celestial insight – I am delighted to share my journey with you. From the bustling streets of Saharanpur to the heart of artistic expression in Mumbai, my life’s canvas has been colored by a passion for astrology and a heartfelt commitment to societal change.

Astrological Pursuits

My academic journey in astrology has been extremely enriching. A Doctor of Philosophy in Spiritual Science and Astrology from Maryland State University, coupled with a Jyotish Ratna Certificate from All India Federation Of Astrologers’ Societies, attests to my dedication to spreading ancient knowledge. With a Master’s in Astrology from Maharishi Parashar Jyotish Vidyalay Samiti, I bring expertise in various aspects of astrology, blending tradition with practicality.

Artistry and Astrology: A Harmonious Blend

In my unique approach, I blend my artistic prowess with astrological insights. Focused on real-life moments that convey cultural values, I’m currently working on a series highlighting the arches and heritage of India.

Educational Foundation

Rooted in a solid educational foundation, I completed my advance diploma in Interior Designing from NIFD, Delhi, in 2002. My continuous pursuit of knowledge includes courses in Vastu Alankar, interior design, and a spiritual PhD.

A Glimpse Into My Soul

Driven by passion, compassion, and a deep spiritual inclination, I am dedicated to creating meaningful art, making a positive impact on society, and enriching lives through both creativity and philanthropy.

Join me on this cosmic journey where artistry, astrology, and philanthropy converge to create a harmonious and impactful narrative.